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What Would You Do If This Pay Stub Was Yours?

I’m out this week at the Women’s World Cup (go USA!), so we’ll do a quick, fun exercise!

Below is a picture of Major League Baseball star Andrew McCutchen’s pay stub.

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What do you see wrong with the pay stub? What would you do with one paycheck of that size?


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4 replies on “What Would You Do If This Pay Stub Was Yours?”

I’d have that baby being auto split up into 10-20 different accounts for various purposes (vacation, Christmas, kids 529s, weddings, investments, retirement/Roths (though maybe he/I wouldn’t qualify) whatever else floated my boat) and live off the remainder…

Crazy how quickly you can hit the SS cap when you’re the best all around player in baseball.

I wonder why all those states get a piece though (Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, etc. Do they really get to tax his income if he plays a series in their state/city?

I\’m Australian, so I\’m not familiar with US pay slips however after taxes and deductions he\’s not left with much considering the size of his pay check.

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