Personal Finance FAQ Series: Can I Make More Money Working From Home Like Those Ads Promise

Can you really make a bunch of money working from home?

You see the ads all the time. Some housewife in the middle of North Dakota makes $5,837 per day just by turning on her computer. Too good to be true?

Check out the video below and get the answer. While you’re at it, you can get my 52 week Financial Game Plan by filling out the box right beneath this.

Can I Make More Money Working From Home Like Those Ads Promise?

The transcript for this video follows below.


The people promising the offer of working from home and making thousands of dollars a month are making thousands of dollars a month – for the sellers of those programs. If you want to make money from home, then you need to make something or provide information which people are going to want. It’s the same with any business. If you want to go into business for yourself, then you need to create value and a reason for people to pay you money.

If you want to work from home, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Try to work out an arrangement with your current employer where you can work from home. Stress the benefits such as longer availability due to your commute and fewer distractions. Lay out measurable goals and metrics which show that you’re even more of a rock star working from home than you are going into the office.
  • Freelance on the side. Have a specialty? Offer it to people you know. Do it for free at first to get some testimonials, and then start charging money for your services.
  • Look at online freelance sites such as eLance or Guru. Be warned – most of these focus on technology capabilities, and you’re often competing against low-cost providers overseas. Focus on your value and your unique capabilities.
  • Check out Craigslist. There might be some opportunities for at-home work there.

It is possible to make money working from home. I built and sold a company which employed 23 people and did it almost exclusively working from home. But, it’s not easy, and there is no quick path to riches, no matter what those advertisements tell you. As Robert Heinlein said, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

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