Don’t Let Monkey Brain Do Your Christmas Shopping for You!

Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.

When I got married, my Christmas shopping got exponentially more complicated. I was used to buying a few presents for my parents and grandparents and calling it a day.

Marriage added a new layer of intricacy. My wife’s parents were divorced and remarried, so there were now in-laws, step-in-laws, new friends, godchildren, and what appeared to be, to me, random people. Maybe I’d met them at the wedding? I wasn’t sure.

What I did know is that … Read the article

How Should I Adjust My Financial Plan in a Biden Presidency?

Now that Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential election, you may be thinking about what changes you need to make in your financial plan to prepare for a Biden presidency.

Here’s what you need to do:

Not. A. Darn. Thing.

If you had a plan on Monday before the election, then your plan is still good and valid now that Biden has been declared the winner.

It’s that simple.

Keep to your existing plan.

Very little will actually change in the daily finances of the average U.S. citizen.

For everything else that may or … Read the article

An Anti-Masker’s Argument for Universal Masking During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just because something doesn’t confirm your existing beliefs does not mean it’s a hoax.

–Stephanie Ruhle

This is an argument for enacting a strict mask compliance ordinance for the COVID truthers who believe this is all a hoax.

Let’s assume that masks are utterly ineffective and that COVID is just a hoax generated by some worldwide cabal that is determined to take your rights away.

Regardless of whether or not masks work and COVID is real, there are a lot of people who believe it is real.

About a month ago, 64% of Americans believed the CDC, who is stating Read the article

Growing the Economy Will Not Solve Systemic Racism

We want to see a world where black lives matter in order for us to get to a world where all of our humanity is respected.
–Alicia Garza

On June 5, 2020, the jobs report came in better than expected. Unemployment was only 13.3%, compared to expectations of 20% unemployment. Accordingly, the S&P 500 went up 2.62%.

But black unemployment actually increased during the same time period.

All of this happened during a backdrop of Black Lives Matter protests across the country, and President Trump saying that the key to solving systemic racism is to have … Read the article

Is Owning a Home a Necessary Part of a Retirement Plan?

Fort Worth, Texas based Certified Financial Planner Jason Hull of Hull Financial Planning firmly believes that owning a home is not a necessary part of a retirement plan.

A study by Walter D’Lima of Old Dominion University and Paul Schultz of Notre Dame showed that real estate investors outperform general market indices, but only when they:

  • Live near the investment property
  • Buy without a mortgage
  • And have experience in real estate investing

Furthermore, those investors earn less when the live in the house.

Typically, the average person will buy a property … Read the article