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Memorial Day

Most of us think about Memorial Day and images of barbecues, swimming, and pending summer come to mind.

Yet, for many of us, it’s a time to remember friends who didn’t make it back from war.

Josh Byers and Hans Kurth did not return home.

I appreciate the sentiment when people say “Happy Memorial Day,” but it seems in discord with the intent of the day.

Veteran’s Day is for thanking soldiers and veterans for their service.

Memorial Day is for remembering those who did not come home.

My friend and West Point classmate Mike Jason wrote an elegant editorial from the perspective of someone who has seen many friends and comrades not return. If you get a chance, it’s a quick read. You can read it here.

Don’t stop your barbecues and your parties. Life should be a celebration. But there are some who cannot celebrate and some who did not return to be able to celebrate. Let’s not forget them.


Jason Hull, CFP®, was the co-founder of Broadtree Partners, a firm that acquires $1-5MM EBITDA companies. He also was the co-founder of open source search consultancy OpenSource Connections, a premier Solr and ElasticSearch firm. He and his wife FIREd (financial independence retire early) at 46 and 45, respectively. He has a BS from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a MBA from the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business.

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I feel similar to you and Mike Jason on Memorial Day. It is a day to remember the fallen. I often quote “In Flanders Fields” to anyone who will listen on Memorial Day.

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