How Much Would You Have to Budget to Go to the Women’s World Cup in 2019?

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Will you go to watch her pull out her bag of tricks?

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My wife and I are went to the Women’s World Cup in Canada in 2015. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, we are probably not going to be able to go this year. To make up for the loss, my wife just finished reading Forward: A Memoir by Abby Wambach, and we’ll be going to the American Outlaws bars to cheer the team on when we can make the games.

I originally wrote this article in August, 2018, so the budgeting was reflective of a 10 month runway. I’ve since updated the article to reflect that the USWNT was drawn in Group F and included the American Outlaws travel package option.

First, let’s look at a group package. I chose the first company that game up on my Google search.

Their price for an 11 night package in Paris for two people in a standard hotel double room is $3,405 per person. This does not include a flight to Paris, nor does it include lunch or dinner or tickets. It does include:

  • 11 Night Accommodation in Paris
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Round-trip Ground Transportation
  • Exclusive admission to American Outlaws Welcome Gathering for package holders only
  • Priority access to all American Outlaws Night Before Receptions
  • Priority access into American Outlaws Pre-Game Parties
  • Sight-seeing city tour. Optional regional excursions will be offered on non-game days.
  • American Outlaws World Cup Gift
  • Commemorative Credential & Lanyard
  • Full-time On-Site Tour Director
  • Anthony Travel On-Site Assistance 

Given that 2 meals a day are not included, I’ll assume that you’re eating one meal in an inexpensive restaurant and one meal in a mid-range restaurant.

Therefore, going from DFW to Paris in a package should cost roughly $5,760. Given that there are 10 months until the big event, you’ll need to set aside about $576 per month between now and June 2019 to pay cash for a package World Cup adventure.

 NumberCurrent Cost perTotal (After Inflation)Source
Roundtrip flight from DFW-CDG1$1,027.00$1,027.00Source
Travel package1$3,405.00$3,405.00Source
Lunch in Paris8$17.52$140.16Source
Dinner in Paris8$32.12$256.96Source
Lunch in Reims1$17.14$17.14Source
Dinner in Reims1$28.56$28.56Source
Lunch in Le Havre1$17.14$17.14Source
Dinner in Le Havre1$28.56$28.56Source
Souvenir spending1$300.00$300.00 
  Per month to save$576.05 

What if you did the trip without a package? Would it cost you more or less?

According to estimates I made for some transport, a do-it-yourself trip would cost about $3,829, meaning you’d need to save up $383 per month. You could probably break even or do a little better if you got a less expensive hotel and took public transportation.

 NumberCurrent Cost perTotal (After Inflation)Source
Roundtrip flight from DFW-CDG1$1,027.00$1,027.00Source
Eurail pass1$226.00$226.00Source
Hotel in Paris9$126.00$1,134.00Source
Hotel in Reims1$69.00$69.00Source
Hotel in Le Havre1$70.00$70.00Source
Lunch in Paris9$17.52$157.68Source
Dinner in Paris9$32.12$289.06Source
Lunch in Reims1$17.14$17.14Source
Dinner in Reims1$28.56$28.56Source
Lunch in Le Havre1$17.14$17.14Source
Dinner in Le Havre1$28.56$28.56Source
Souvenir spending1$300.00$300.00 
  Per month to save$382.91 


Naturally, your results may vary, and it’s wise to budget an extra five hundred dollars for either trip just in case you want to go out on the town or do sightseeing, but based on my travel experiences, these seem like reasonable per person expenses. If you travel with someone else and you’re in DIY mode, you could always split a room, reducing those costs (my estimate is approximately $636.5 per person).

Are you thinking about going to the Women’s World Cup in France? How much are you budgeting to spend?

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