An Anti-Masker’s Argument for Universal Masking During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just because something doesn’t confirm your existing beliefs does not mean it’s a hoax. –Stephanie Ruhle This is an argument for enacting a strict mask compliance ordinance for the COVID truthers who believe this is all a hoax. Let’s assume that masks are utterly ineffective and that COVID is just a hoax generated by someContinue reading “An Anti-Masker’s Argument for Universal Masking During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Growing the Economy Will Not Solve Systemic Racism

We want to see a world where black lives matter in order for us to get to a world where all of our humanity is respected. –Alicia Garza On June 5, 2020, the jobs report came in better than expected. Unemployment was only 13.3%, compared to expectations of 20% unemployment. Accordingly, the S&P 500 wentContinue reading “Growing the Economy Will Not Solve Systemic Racism”

Is Owning a Home a Necessary Part of a Retirement Plan?

Fort Worth, Texas based Certified Financial Planner Jason Hull of Hull Financial Planning firmly believes that owning a home is not a necessary part of a retirement plan. A study by Walter D’Lima of Old Dominion University and Paul Schultz of Notre Dame showed that >real estate investors outperform general market indices, but only whenContinue reading “Is Owning a Home a Necessary Part of a Retirement Plan?”

Prepare Your Money for a Recession

While the coronavirus induced recession is forcing all of us to reevaluate our financial behaviors with a close eye for detail, these are habits that will serve us well whenever life has returned to normalcy, which, hopefully, is sooner rather than later! Cut living expenses. In times when we are not worried about negative financial outcomes,Continue reading “Prepare Your Money for a Recession”

Should Millennials Use Roboadvisors?

For whom would a robo-advisor be a good choice? There are only a couple of situations where I think that robo-investors (I really call them robo-investors, as they’re not robo-advisors, such as are appropriate for a millennial: You are absolutely, positively, never going to rebalance your portfolio, and you want to put money intoContinue reading “Should Millennials Use Roboadvisors?”