Thoughts on Medellín, Colombia as a Long-Term Travel Destination

Recently, my wife and I went to Medellín, Colombia (it’s Colombia, not Columbia) for eight days. When we were in Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, we’d heard from other travelers that Medellín was a great place to visit. After sweating through our 2 1/2 summer months in Mexico, we were interested in places that were a) larger, and b) with better weather while still being Spanish speaking and offering cost arbitrage.

Medellín seemed to fit the bill. It is known as the City of Eternal Spring, and the weather is truly fantastic. While we were there, the … Read the article

Where is Better to Begin Spanish Immersion Classes: Playa del Carmen, Mexico or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Recently, my wife and I returned from nine weeks in Mexico, five in Playa del Carmen, and four in Puerto Vallarta. We were there to attend Spanish language classes so that we could become reasonably proficient and travel throughout Latin America and Spain without needing to stick to the heavily touristed regions in order to be with people who understood English. We also wanted to dip our toes into the water of longer term travel and see how we felt about being away from home for so long. My wife had never traveled for more than two weeks and I … Read the article

Estoy Aprendiendo Español

We are currently in Playa del Carmen, Mexico taking immersion Spanish lessons and classes. Playa del Carmen is a tourist city south of Cancún. You might have heard of Cancún. It is a frequent port of call for cruise ships and a very popular Spring Break destination. Playa del Carmen is the more laid back neighbor, although a stroll on the Avienda Quinta next to the beach may put paid to the notion of quiet and laid back.

While my wife and I just spent 12 hours over 3 days speaking solely in Spanish with our instructor about a Read the article

Going to the Dentist at Big Sonrisa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I was recently in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico checking out options for Spanish language immersion schools. Ever since I was stationed in Germany, it’s been a goal to spend some time as an expat.

I did not realize that I was going to get a more fully immersive experience on this trip than I had originally planned.

I was there for eight days, primarily to check out a school and secondarily to poke around neighborhoods and see what life would be like if we decided to move down to Puerto Vallarta, even if temporarily. It was the second trip with … Read the article

A Week at The Fives Beach Hotel and Residences, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Our 20th anniversary was coming up.

We’d had our COVID-19 vaccines, and we wanted to do something special. We’d spent our 10th in the French Riviera, staying in Menton, and checking out Monaco, Cannes, and the small towns dotting the coast.

Originally, we thought about doing a couple of National Parks, since enjoyed our time in the Big Bend National Park so much; however, the logistics of doing the National Parks we wanted to see in Colorado in a week’s time was challenging.

As a result, we asked our friend Kathryn Potter at KP Travel Group to suggest … Read the article