An Anti-Masker’s Argument for Universal Masking During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just because something doesn’t confirm your existing beliefs does not mean it’s a hoax.

–Stephanie Ruhle

This is an argument for enacting a strict mask compliance ordinance for the COVID truthers who believe this is all a hoax.

Let’s assume that masks are utterly ineffective and that COVID is just a hoax generated by some worldwide cabal that is determined to take your rights away.

Regardless of whether or not masks work and COVID is real, there are a lot of people who believe it is real.

About a month ago, 64% of Americans believed the CDC, who is stating that COVID-19 is a pandemic that we have to deal with.

This translates into low percentages of Americans who are willing to participate in activities that were designed to “open up the economy,” such as going to bars (27%), going to gyms (28%), going to movie theaters (27%), staying in a hotel (51%), and eating at a restaurant (54%).

We started opening the economy back up in late April. But, as any business can tell you, just because you open your doors doesn’t mean you’re getting customers. We can see what while OpenTable reservations went from a dead stop during the lockdown to some improvement, roughly 60% of the people who reserved last year are staying home.

Why is this?

It’s because people who believe that COVID is real generally don’t want to get exposed to it, regardless of whether or not governments have “opened up the economy.”

75% of Americans favor requiring masks in public.

It is unfathomable to believe that there exists a large number of people who do not believe in COVID but do believe in public mask mandates. That number is so small as to be effectively zero.

While there are probably some people who will stay home regardless of a strict mask mandate until there is a vaccine or a New Zealand-esque reduction in the number of cases, it is also reasonable to believe that the people who believe that COVID is real and have stayed at home do so because they do not feel safe, and will feel safer in an environment where EVERYONE is wearing masks.

As of a couple of weeks ago, 28 states, DC, and Puerto Rico had issued mask mandates.

Yet, you don’t see those results in the OpenTable data above.


As an example, Texas, the state in which I live, has a very lax mask mandate.

It has limited teeth.

The punishment for failure to not wearing a mask is a warning the first time and a $250 fine each time thereafter.

Over 80 counties won’t even enforce it.

Thus, I see people at the local Costco walking around the aisles with masks around their necks, apparently protecting their Adam’s apples from COVID, which gives me less confidence in being around them, because I do believe in COVID.

This is because the state still relies on businesses to enforce the mandate.

Compare to seat belt laws in Texas, which also carry a fine of $25 to $250 regardless of whether or not they are first time offenders

The difference is that, aside from knowing that seat belts save lives, even if I do not believe in the efficacy of seat belts, I do believe that if I drive by a police officer and I am not wearing a seat belt, I will receive a ticket.

If I do not believe in COVID and I refuse to wear a mask, I harbor no such concern of punishment. I may or may not be kicked out of a store once I get in, so I would wear my mask to get in, and then take it off, as many people do, because there is no concern of punishment.

Thus, in order to get true compliance, we either need a much better education campaign, which has not succeeded to date (see: condom compliance), or much stricter enforcement and punishment of failure to wear masks.

Yes, to the COVID truthers out there, this may be anathema, but, I argue, most of them want to return life to status quo ante with an open economy.

Until everyone else believes that they can safely go to businesses and not catch COVID, regardless of whether or not you, personally, believe that they will, businesses will teeter on the precipice of life and death.

So, there are two reasons for a person who believes COVID is a hoax to support a stringent mask mandate:

  1. If everyone else believes they are safe, they will come out and support businesses and truly open up the economy.
  2. If masks are effective against COVID, as the global cabal would have us believe, then, if there is global compliance, COVID should disappear over time, like it did in New Zealand.

That would get us back to the way life was before the global cabal created COVID to take your rights away if you believe COVID is a hoax.

By the way, if you believe that COVID is real, like I do, then you want the EXACT SAME outcome that the people who don’t believe COVID is real do – get life back to the way it was before COVID as quickly as possible.

It does appear that countries with high mask compliance then have successes at driving COVID down.


In Germany, you can see the correlation between mask adoption and the rapid decline of COVID cases.


And, look at the OpenTable reservation data for Germany, which I cited the source previously.

Mask wearing works. If you believe COVID is real, then you can see the results in the data. If you believe COVID is a hoax, then you can see how the global cabal has controlled the information flow such that, when people wear masks, the economy returns.

In either case, whether or not you believe that masks impede your freedom, the world has changed to the point that, in order to have a return to life before COVID, you’re going to need masks unless you are willing to wait for a vaccine.

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