What’s the One Money Question You Wish Someone Would Answer for You?

Question mark in Esbjerg

Ask and ye shall receive

I’ve written almost 300 articles about money, Monkey Brain, personal finance, small business, entrepreneurship, and life in general. However, if you’re here, you either think I’m really funny, or there’s still some piece of information that you’re looking for.

I know that I could continue to write articles until the end of my ability to piece coherent thoughts together and still not cover all of the potential personal finance and behavioral questions out there. So, I want to turn the floor over to you.

What’s that one burning money question you wish that someone would answer for you?

Leave it in the comments below, or if you would rather remain anonymous, you can contact me instead. Have at it!

About Jason Hull, CFP®

Jason Hull, CFP®, is the Chief Technology officer of myFinancialAnswers, an online comprehensive financial planning service.