The Brain Dump

If you’re a fan of mine on Facebook, you’ve seen that I like to post a lot of articles which interest me. If you’re not a fan, go become a fan!

I’ve decided to occasionally post a few of my favorites here to share with the rest of you. Hopefully, you’ll all become Facebook fans (hint: click here!), so I won’t have to post these, but until I have one billion fans, here it goes!

  • A reminder that you always have a choice. Paula Pant’s wonderful blog focuses on growing the pie, not slicing it, and in this article, she examines how we often use “hope” as an excuse for not actually doing anything to achieve our goals.
  • The paradox of Medicaid. What happens when you’re not rich enough to self-insure but have too much money to qualify for Medicaid? The answer is usually to spend down your assets until you qualify for Medicaid, leaving the surviving spouse in a real financial pickle. This article documents that dilemma.
  • Does the Bible tell you that you have to be poor? The folks at Control Your Cash (my favorite personal finance blog besides the egomaniacal answer that my blog is my favorite) debunk the myth that the Bible tells you that you have to be poor. Stop making excuses. Go get rich!
  • You want your doctor to be a video game whiz. Apparently those hours spent playing video games as a kid do pay off in the future! I’m waiting for my windfall to arrive.
  • 6,000 gallons of scotch poured down the drain. Sure, it’s crap liquor, but it still seems a shame that it couldn’t be put to good use somewhere!

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