The Mental Challenge of Keeping a Manager Who Has Failed Fast

“If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you have tried.” –Steven Wright Most entrepreneurs love to embrace new buzzwordy business styles. Six sigma. Lean. Lean six sigma. Agile. Flat organizations. No titles. Lean six sigma flat org charts with no titles. Fail fast. I’ve dealt with all of these types of organizations […]

Do Financial Planners Know How to Value Your Company?

“Amidst all the hype and hoopla around this business, I wanted to emphasize the challenge—it is seductive but the failure rate is very high. And those who fail have no good place to go.” ― Mahendra Ramsinghani I’ve been fortunate enough to have a company where I eventually saw three different offers for either the […]

Value Creation Versus Value Capture

“Value is more expensive than price.” –Toba Beta “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” –Henry David Thoreau As entrepreneurs, we will not succeed unless we create value for those whom we serve. It’s a simple exchange. Customers exchange money, and in return, we provide value. As entrepreneurs, we […]

The Case Against Self-Directed IRA Investments

“Happiness is being retired and spending all of my kids’ inheritance before I die!” –Anonymous If you remember in the 2012 Presidential debates, one surprising fact came up regarding Mitt Romney. He had something like $72 quadrillion dollars in his IRA. OK. He didn’t really have that much (it was $71 quadrillion), but he had […]

Why Didn’t My Company Grow Bigger Faster?

“By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” –Robert Frost I was fortunate enough to be able to cofound a company which, seven years later, I was able to sell. While I was unable to claim the IPO status of Mark Zuckerberg when […]

When Do You Need to Write Your Business Plan?

“If it really was a no-brainer to make it on your own in business there’d be millions of no-brained, harebrained, and otherwise dubiously brained individuals quitting their day jobs and hanging out their own shingles. Nobody would be left to round out the workforce and execute the business plan.” – Bill Rancic There are a […]