Where’s Waldo? My Recent Appearances

Where's Waldo Vs Wonder Woman

Waldo should learn not to hide next to superheroes.

Occasionally, others ask me to share some insight with their audiences on a variety of personal finance topics. I’m always grateful to them for sharing the opportunity. Here are a few of my recent appearances for (what I hope is) your reading pleasure:

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Train a Monkey to Throw Darts or Pick the S&P 500 Index? A Look at 2014’s Performance


Good luck!

“Maybe life is random, but I doubt it.”
–Steven Tyler

There’s a news radio station in Fort Worth that has almost all of its daytime weekend programming related to money, investing, and personal finance. It’s almost like the programming folks at CNBC decided to take over this radio station on the weekend, because, unless the Texas Longhorns are playing, you can tune in to this station and listen to money advice to your heart’s content.

I imagine that if someone listens to those shows long enough, he’ll become convinced that he knows more than the average Joe and can go into the markets and actively trade and make a mint.

Unfortunately, this would likely result in a sad ending for the listener, as 64% of individual stocks underperform the Russell 3000 index in their lifetimes.

Last year, I evaluated how well the S&P 500 index did compared to randomly picking a stock out of the components that make up the index. In 2013, 51.6% of the components of the S&P 500 underperformed the index as a whole, leaving individual stock pickers with thinner wallets than their index investing counterparts.

But, just like fans of all sports teams except the champion, there’s a rallying cry: “Wait until next year!”

So, 2014 has now come and gone. The S&P 500 performed pretty well, but not as well as 2013, gaining a dividend adjusted 13.69%, compared to 2013’s extraordinary 29.6% gain.

Since 2014 wasn’t as good for the S&P 500, does that mean that it was a stock picker’s market rather than an indexer’s market?

2014 Performance of the S&P 500’s Stock Components by the Numbers

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